Oriental Bank of Commerce

Oriental Bank of Commerce India was established in the year 1943 on 19th February in Lahore. After partition, Oriental Bank of Commerce shifted its Registered Office from Lahore to Amritsar paying every rupee to its departing customers.
Oriental Bank of Commerce is one of the strongest banks in India. It has high capital adequacy ratio, one of the lowest NPAs, and one of the highest productivity per employee. Few year back OBC took over the failed private bank, namely, Global Trust Bank.

Head Office

Oriental Bank of Commerce
Harsha Bhawan, E- Block,
Connaught Place
New Delhi – 110001
Telephone: 91 011 23417121, 23416691
Fax No: 91 011 25760544
E mail: obc@obcindia.com, obc@id.eth.net

Website : http://www.obcindia.com

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