State Bank of India

State Bank of India (SBI) was nationalised in July 1955 under the SBI Act of 1955. Seven banks of SBI formed subsidiary and was nationalised on 19th July, 1960.

The State Bank of India is India’s largest commercial bank and is ranked one of the top five banks worldwide. It serves 90 million customers through a network of 9,000 branches and it offers — either directly or through subsidiaries — a wide range of banking services.

The eight banking subsidiaries are:

State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur
State Bank of Hyderabad
State Bank of Indore
State Bank of Mysore
State Bank of Patiala
State Bank of Saurashtra
State Bank of Travancore

SBI Central Office

State Bank of India,
State Bank Bhawan,
8th floor, Madame Cama Road,
Mumbai-400 021,
Telephone No. 22029456 or 22029451,
Fax no. 22885369.


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Mutual Fund :
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Capital market :
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SBI Commercial & International Bank Ltd. :

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