Syndicate Bank

Syndicate Bank was established in 1925 in Udupi, Karnataka by three visionaries-Sri Upendra Ananth Pai, a businessman, Sri Vaman Kudva, an engineer and Dr.T M A Pai, a physician- with the name “Canara Industrial and Banking Syndicate Ltd.” The Bank was started with a capital of Rs 8000 and the objective behind starting the Bank was primarily to extend financial assistance to the local weavers who were crippled by a crisis in the handloom industry through mobilising small savings from the community.
Syndicate Bank has won many awards over the years for its excellent performance. In 1999, the Bank won FICCI AWARD for institutional initiative in the field of “Rural Development” and in 2003, the Bank was awarded Banking Technology Award awarded by IDRBT, Hyderabad.

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